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An invitational body dedicated to the preservation of the history and workings of operative guild masonry.

We are a Masonic Society which exists to perpetuate a memorial of the practices of operative Free Masons existing prior to modern speculative Freemasonry.

Membership of the Society is restricted to those who are Master Masons, Mark Master Masons and Holy Royal Arch Companions in good standing.

It is governed by three Grand Master Masons, as below :


M W Bro.Raymond S. Ellis, VII°

2nd Grand Master Mason

M W Bro. Paul P Mycock, VII°

1st Grand Master Mason

M.W.Bro.Robert A. H. Morrow VII°

3rd Grand Master Mason


The Society is open only to Freemasons who are in good standing with or are members of a Craft Lodge, a Royal Arch Chapter and a Mark Master Masons' Lodge.

The regalia is minimal and consists of a blue cord or blue collarette from which is suspended the badge of the member's grade. Badges are simply exchanged as progression is made. All members wear the distinctive Society tie.

Lest we Forget!

The Society has ordinarily generated considerable loyalty and affection among its members and, in addition to the merits of its ceremonies and practices, one reason is that the Society fills a notable gap in the masonic structure.

Speculative masons are happy to trace their origins to the practices of the ancient stone masons, but many then tend to forget all about them.

The Operatives exist to ensure that we do not all forget!

Eaton Socon Project.jpg

Eaton Socon Project Presentation

Operatives HQ Regeneration Project

Liverpool Cathedral.jpg

The Greatest Building Ever Built

An extremely informative booklet on the Liverpool Cathedral. It re-enforces the ritual of the Craft, Mark, and particularly the Operatives.

About the Order

by M W Bro. Paul P Mycock, VII°

First Grand Master Mason


Ancient Drama

22 September, 2020


Constitution of Assemblage

14 July, 2021


The Operative Society celebrated it's 100th year of existence in May 2013.

Download Centenary Booklet


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